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Different Types of Finishes for Wedding Ring
Wedding Ring Finishes

With the wide range of jewelry finishes available, the same style of ring can have an amazing variety of different looks. While traditional finishes like polished and satin are among the most common, newer finishes offer an impressive array of appealing textures and appearances.

A highly reflective surface with abundant shine, a polished finish tends to be very appealing to those who want a vibrant ring that draws the eye. Bright, bold and smooth to the touch, a polished finish makes a clear statement, but it also makes scratches or dents more readily apparent than some other finishes.
Silky smooth beneath the fingertips, a satin finish offers a more subtle shine than its polished counterparts. The surface of a ring featuring this finish is still faintly luminous, but it appears frosted, much like sunlight on a foggy day. For those who look closely, faint lines run vaguely parallel to the edges of the ring.
Angle Satin
Like the satin finish, an angle satin finish feels sleek and delivers an almost pearlescent shine that is muted yet appealing. What sets the angle finish apart from its more traditional counterpart is the direction of the faint lines that are visible on close inspection. Rather than running parallel to the ring's edges, the lines in an angle satin finish cross the ring's surface at a roughly 45 degree angle. 
Cross Satin
A visually intriguing variation of the traditional satin finish, the cross satin finish has a quiet, foggy luminescence and a surface that feels delightfully smooth to the touch. A ring with this finish will feature faint lines that run across the width of the ring and perpendicular to its edges.
A striking finish with a vaguely organic appearance that is reminiscent of granite, a stone finish has depth. While not bright like a polished finished, it offers a quiet glitter that seems to play with the light. Slightly rough, this finish gives rings a rugged look and easily conceals minor nicks and scratches that would be obvious in a more polished finish. 
A classic finish with a rich texture and a timeless appeal, a hammered finish creates a surface covered with tiny dimples that form a scene reminiscent of the craters that a heavy rain leaves in damp sand. A hammered finish generally offers only a gentle shine similar to that of a satin finish. In fact, it is typically created by hammering the metal surface and then applying a satin finish to the surface.
Bead Blasted
Created by firing streams of tiny abrasive materials at the metal, a bead blasted finish offers a more aggressive texture that is faintly course to the touch and utterly fascinating to the eye. Generally more of a matte finish, it has less shine than some of the other finishes.
A course finish that stimulates both the eyes and the fingers, a sandblasted finish offer the faint shimmer and grainy texture of beach sand warmed by the sun. A newer finish, it appeals to those who want something unique and unexpected.
A distressed finish brings a unique character to any ring. Ideal for those who appreciate a vintage feel, this finish mimics the patina and wear that comes with time without the wait.